The Masters Tournament: Telling the Good from the Best

The Masters Tournament is the very first of the four major professional golf tournaments held each year. It is also referred to as The US Masters or simply, The Masters. With the world-class players competing against each other, the Masters truly tells us who the best are.

The Popular Masters Tournament

When and where it is held

The Masters Tournament is held each year in the first week of April. As it is the very first of the four major tournaments, it’s customary for the Masters Tournament to be preceded by an elaborate gala event that sees the who’s who of global golfing community gather together. Another special distinction that the Masters Tournament has is that it is held each year at the same course – Augusta National Golf Club located in Augusta, Georgia.


The Masters was conceived and founded by Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones in 1934. The Masters was initially criticized heavily by the then liberal media – particularly the New York Times – for its extravagant nature during the harsh economic depression during 1930’s. However, the Masters managed to pull through these times and has since become an iconic golf betting sporting event that attracts the attentions of millions of golf fans all around the world.


Winning at a global sporting event like the Masters is the stuff of the legends. And the total prizes ensure that these legends are duly rewarded. The total cash prized for the Masters Tournament in 2014 were $9,000,000. Of this huge sum of money, the winner – Jordan Spieth – took close to $1.6 million home.

Betting on the Masters Tournament

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