Understanding the Game of Craps

Understanding the game of craps can be intimidating for a first timer as it does not use traditional equipment like cards and the table is shaped in an unusual manner, quite like a bathtub. The game table has a vast variety of bets and understanding the significance of each can be a confusing. Before trying to understand the table layout of craps one must try to understand terminologies that are used during the game. Bets on a crap table have nicknames that regular players use which you will soon get used to as you play the game.

Game of Craps

Important sections of craps table

In craps, you have to concentrate on the half of table that you are standing close to. The outermost outline of the craps table is called a PASS LINE and running parallel to it is the DON’T PASS LINE. Interior sections are divided into COME, DON’T COME and FIELD. Centre section of the craps table has the proposition bets which is called Hardways bet of C and E as players bet that numbers like 4,6,8 and 10 will be rolled out as a pair.

Types of bets in craps

Some of the bets in craps are able to resolve themselves in a single roll while others may require several rolls to clear out. The most important bets in craps is the PASS bet that is put on the pass line and will be used on a come out roll. On the craps table, if you throw betting chips on DON’T PASS section, then your bets are on a seven being rolled out. In the PLACE bets section there are numbers like 4,5,6,8,9 and 10. When you place bets on these sections then you are expecting that these numbers will be rolled from a dice before a seven is thrown.